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Built on the site of the original Anne Arundel Medical Center, Acton's Landing Condominium has 79 units with a variety of floor plans and views. Our beautiful sidewalk community, located in the heart of the Annapolis Historic District, is surrounded by centuries old houses and a short stroll away from Spa Creek, downtown, and the State Capital Building.

A brief history...

In 1651, Richard Acton purchased property on Spa Creek, bordered by the current day Franklin and Cathedral Streets. The townspeople called it Acton's Land.

In 1902, the Annapolis Emergency Hospital was established and grew into the Anne Arundel Medical Center, serving the entire county. One hundred years later, the hospital relocated and Acton's Landing Condominium was built on the site. In fact, the condominiums facing Franklin Street are in the original renovated section of the hospital.

The building itself keeps to the original footprint of the hospital. It is not uncommon for native Annapolitans to point to the south corner of Richard's Lane where they were born, or to the Atrium and say 'That was the emergency entrance where I went when I broke my leg.'

We are proud of our condominium's heritage. A plaque commemorating the building's origins is located next to the Franklin Street entrance. We believe we have all the conveniences of modern life, and all the benefits of living in the Annapolis Historic District.